LifeSavers Project

Helping children manage money wisely

LifeSavers supports primary schools in setting up savings clubs and helping children and their families learn about money.

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The project
April 2015 to December 2019
Project brief: 
LifeSavers is a collaborative partnership between the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Just Finance Foundation and Young Enterprise. It offer values-based financial education for state-funded primary schools and supports them to set up savings clubs in partnership with their local credit union.
The funding
Funder brief: 
The pilot phase ran from April 2015-16. The rollout runs 2016-2019. LifeSavers is being rolled out to 120 primary schools over three years with financial support from Virgin Money. Additional funding from Government will make the resources and learning available to other schools through a dedicated LifeSavers website.

Following a successful small scale pilot, run in six schools in three areas across England, we are delighted that LifeSavers is being rolled out more widely to primary schools.

The concept for LifeSavers has been shaped by the Children's Society report 'Supporting Young Savers: The case for savings clubs in schools’ and builds on many small scale initiatives and savings clubs successfully run across the UK with credit unions.

LifeSavers offers a ‘whole-school’ approach to financial education:
• Training, support and Quality Marked resources for teachers to embed classroom teaching and assembly/collective worships about money;
• setting up a savings club for pupils, partly run by pupils, in partnership with the local credit union
• Offering a “whole community” approach where parents and carers can get involved in their children’s financial education

LifeSavers takes a holistic approach to financial education, particularly encouraging children to start developing a savings habit early in life. It combines classroom learning with practical experience of dealing with money through regular small savings deposits in the school savings club. It offers older pupils the responsibility of setting up and running the savings club, alongside adult volunteers, giving them experience of the world of work. 

Lifesavers takes a ‘values-based’ approach to financial education, exploring  money through the lenses of the values:  generosity, wisdom, thankfulness and justice. Classroom based teaching resources for KS1& 2  ‘Five Big Questions About Money’ are complimented by whole school assembly /collective worship materials ‘Values for LifeSavers’. These resources will also be available to download from a dedicated LifeSavers website.

“The  children's enthusiasm for the scheme has been infectious as they've already started to talk to their friends about the savings club” (headteacher)

“It teaches you to do what you have learnt in maths” (year 5 pupil)