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With financial education help, young people can understand the housing market, and make informed choices

I have worked in property for a long time now and have spent much of that time trying to make sure young people understand the realities of the housing market. When you compare ‘average house prices’ versus ‘average wages’, getting on the property ladder seems like an impossible task. However, if everyone, and young people in particular, are educated as to the financials of housing, buying and renting isn’t quite as ‘out of reach’ as we are often led to believe.

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Centres of Excellence programme - 4 years on

Here we are, 4 years into the Centres of Excellence programme – I have to be honest there have been some challenges (the constant changes happening within the national curriculum and the ever increasing work load for teachers) but I’m pleased to say there have been many, many positive highlights.

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Are you really going to teach 5 year olds about loan sharks?

In a guest post for the pfeg blog, Catherine Wohlers, the LIASE Manager from England Illegal Money Lending Team discusses the impact loan sharking can have on the entire family...

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Financial Education - One year on

How time flies... Can it really only be a year ago that we heard the result of the Scottish referendum, the iPhone 6 was only available to pre order, and, of course, financial education made its inaugural appearance within the English National Curriculum for secondary schools. So, one year on, how is it going?

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Money matters – from 123 to PHD

In a guest post Kevin Jenkins, Managing Director at Visa UK & Ireland, gives his thoughts on why managing money well is an essential skill for life and how initiatives like My Money Week can help

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