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  • ASKpfeg - free advice

    Looking for some expert help? Wondering how to embed financial education into the curriculum? Want to gain confidence in teaching money matters?

    Our experienced advisors provide free support to schools and other education establishments - and we’re available to help today.

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  • Volunteers

    pfeg’s volunteering project brings the expertise of people working in the financial sector directly into the classroom to benefit young people in schools and education environments.

    Whether you are a teacher looking for a volunteer, or an organisation or employee looking to volunteer, find out about our rewarding volunteering scheme.

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  • Become a Centre of Excellence

    A pfeg Centre of Excellence is a school or cluster of schools that has been recognised and rewarded for taking big steps forward in bringing personal finance education to all the children and young people in their school.

    Find out how you can get your school excelling in financial education!

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